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The same ideas and zeal that led to your running a small business also indicate that you would prefer choices as it relates to your firm's technology requirements.  As a business owner you have taken an idea and created a revenue producing enterprise. Along the way, you have experienced a several periods of business related “Stress.”

If you are the type of business owner or manager who likes to wait until things break, the “Stressed Out” plan works best for you. When it breaks, you call, we fix it while your staff patiently waits until things are back to normal. So what if they have to do some filing while the systems are down and you cannot process any new orders or communicate with your clients. Once the systems are back up and running, we present you with an invoice for a service that was not a budgeted line item.

If you are the type of business owner or manager who understands a “little” technology and would rather take care of the routine stuff” and let someone else do the heavy lifting, the “Shared  Stress” plan works best for you.

If you are the type of business owner or manager who would rather focus on your core business then the “Managed Stress” plan works best for you. We assume responsibility for your technology systems. Monitor and take proactive steps to make sure you do not suffer any outages that could result in your staff experiencing downtime during the work day.

If you are the type of business owner or manager who wants to focus on your core business, is open to discussing your plans to grow the company and plan for technological advances and implementations that could positively impact your bottom line, then the “Stress Free” plan is your best choice.

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